Adam Sand

Adam is the Co-CEO of RBP along with his wife Allison- and is known as a business enthusiast with a penchant for adventure. His mission is life-changing, and the team’s efforts have secured retirements, succession plans, and boosted revenue to over $500M for the companies in the Roofing and Construction niche.

RBP Roofing Consultancy Podcast

25 min read

Why Roofer Marketing SEO Doesn’t seem to work anymore! (Roof Conference Preview)

Adam Sand: Are you... probably, yeah, you are. You're paying for some SEO guy to sit there and do SEO, and he tells you, "You're doing blog posts and...

RBP Consultancy Podcast

28 min read

3 Video tricks that Roofers SHOULD Be using in 2019, but AREN'T!

Adam Sand: Hello folks, and welcome to yet another episode of the Roofing Business Partner podcast, the podcast made by a roofer for roofers who want...

RBP Roofing Consultancy Podcast

13 min read

003: Common Website Fails

RBP Podcast Roofing Consultancy

10 min read

Ep1 - My customer learns - Follow The Process!